I run the Fort Pitt Web Shop, a WordPress development and website services company based in Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I analyze data, draft content, launch social media projects, and generally root around to find out how to make websites perform better. My specific goals are to perform WordPress maintenance and development, service small business and non-profit websites, educate clients, and keep learning along the way.

I am a certified university librarian. I’ve taught (well, been abused by middle school kids). I’ve interned with a number of churches – working with young people, primarily. I’ve held an assortment of good ole “hands” jobs – line cook, barista, waiter, dishwasher, class C truck driver (for both a homeless shelter and a food pantry), several grounds & landscaping crews, residential and industrial construction, lifeguard, and so on. And I’ve white collared at a few Fortune 25 companies and international non-profits. But, after awhile, I wanted to run my own company. And, with the support and encouragement of my wife, I was able to. It’s been exciting and challenging, and has provided opportunities for me to experience all the best aspects of the many other jobs I’ve done.

But the best job of all? Being a dad, hands down.