Prospect’s Garden III

Hey! I have seedlings! Who would have thunk. This is about three weeks after I built the beds. Notice that large green thing near the for right corner of the first bed. It came up of its own accord – I certainly did not plant it. Because the soil is largely compost, and because it popped up and grew so quickly, I am going to leave it just to see what it becomes. My first gardening mystery…

OK, I also went out and got some herbs. How could I resist? Who doesn’t love fresh salsa with cilantro? And basil in the summer on freshly picked tomatoes is perfect.

67 Prospect’s Garden II

I got some compost from my mom’s compost pile. That is what is in the garbage bags. I got the framing from the rugby pitch. It is an old dock that floated down to Indianola during a flood a few years back. The decking is made out of recycled plastic and is pretty sturdy. It should last a lot longer than wood would. (ha). So, there you have it. Compost + some stuff that floated into a rural valley during a massive flood = garden.

I dug up the grass that was there, turned it over, and added the compost and some store-bought bags of soil. Should I have tossed the sod? Probably. Oh well.