That Old Anonymous Web

People are jerks. At least you might think that if you ever spent any time reading through the comments section of any online article that have a decent readership. People harass one another, start arguments by nitpicking silly iota, and inevitably, someone brings up a comparison to Hitler. I used to think folks were so… Continue reading That Old Anonymous Web

Updating The Google Password

Have you updated your Google password lately? It’s gotten a little crazy. It isn’t Google’s fault – it’s that we live in a goofy web of interconnected, insecure-trying-to-be-secure devices that falter when trying to communicate with one another. I updated my Google password in my browser. It was pretty easy. Open a browser. Log into… Continue reading Updating The Google Password

“Solar Roadways” Filmmaker Coming to Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Dixon, filmmaker, is coming to Pittsburgh this July 24th to speak at Green Drinks about his latest feature project, Solar Roadways. I think the Solar Roadways project is amazingly innovative. I have no credentials to support whether or not it would work, but thankfully, the project is being funded to be developed as a… Continue reading “Solar Roadways” Filmmaker Coming to Pittsburgh, PA

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