I’ve Always Wanted to be In a Video Game. This Kid Will Rule A Videogame!

Bryan Henderson logged into the free game Curiosity and broke a few cubes. Little did he know, he was about to break open more than a virtual square. What he chipped away at was the last of 25 billion (?) tiny cubes inside Curiosity.

What was so curious about the game was that,in exchange for the mind numbing task of breaking cubes, one (and only one!) lucky person would eventually break the final cube and win a prize that would be “life-changing in any measurable way.”

So what’t the prize? Henderson was rewarded with a special video (now released on YouTube) which explained to him that he would be the virtual God, the morality and final arbiter of what goes down within the game. How will this chance Henderson’s life? Well, there is also the royalties he was promised for sales of the game. Looks like the sales of the game might correspond with how wisely he rules the lands – in other words, the markets will be the final ruler of this God’s world.