This website saved my skin today

Today I was moving a WordPress installation over to a new webhost. I updated the settings on the DNS before I snagged an export from a WordPress installation, then I initiated a password reset to the client so:
A) I could not log back into the site and
B) I didn’t have an export.

I did have FTP and PHPAdmin, though, so I knew, just knew there was an easy way to still move the site over to the new host. After all, I do it all the time with MAMP, so no biggy right?

Well, I kept forgetting the simply but crucial step of creating the new DB and user over at the new host, so of course all my PHPAdmin imports kept failing. Whose dumb? This guy.

But here comes superman ===>

Migrating a WordPress Site – FTP, PhpMyAdmin and SQL queries « Web-kreation

Thanks, Jeeremie! Sometimes, when you are running, running, running, you make a simple but crucial mistake, like I did. Having a simple step-by-step walk through is incredibly helpful in eliminating frustration and in just ensuring you are getting each of the little things done just the way they need to be done.

Edit (9/15/2013): No longer getting a response from the website above. Here is a similar step-by-step  ====>

Please take note of the authors own edits and updates; the one on URL replacement is significant.