Check out my new theme

My personal blog now has a new theme (design). Hooray for me! I got this theme from ThemeTrust. They have a pretty nice selection of WordPress themes at a fair price. Why did I buy instead of make my own? I had imported free themes and I had built themes, but I never actually paid for a premium theme. So I wanted to check out the bells and whistles. I learned that A) there is always a learning curve, even when you pay for something, and B) I am really happy for the fellow who built these themes. He is working hard in the community forums to answer thousands of questions from users, so he has a lot of pressure on him. But it appears, from reading through the forums, that he is doing a great job of helping folks out.

One thing i would suggest is that his “Getting Started” PDFs include default image dimensions. This would make it easier to quickly build out a site using one of his templates.