Welcome to chrisfield.com. I am Chris Field. This is my website.

I write for fun at Medium. I tweet. My goals are to publish my novels and help companies with their regular writing needs.

The Novels

Personal projects include a fantasy novel called The Tree of Children, and a non-fiction novel-in-process called The Things Below: Bodies, Trash, and Human Waste.

The Tree of Children is about a lonely giant who accidentally finds a portal to another world. The world has fantastic trees that grow children as their fruits. Seeking companionship, the giant steals some of the children from the trees and returns to his world with the intent of raising the children as his own. His actions ignite a series of consequences that reach years into the future, but most especially, they plant the seed for how magic comes to exist in the human world. This book was inspired by a Kenneth Patchen poem called, “The Reason for Skylarks.” It is currently 96,000 words and the second draft is complete. I am actively seeking an agent and publication.

The Things Below is a researched non-fiction book exploring the invisible relationship of three things we dispose of: trash, sewage, and human remains. I am inspired to write this by my own curiosity of these amazing, mostly underground systems that most of us do not need to really see or even fully consider. I am seeking a publisher’s advance to support necessary travel and research.

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