Neighborhood Council Meeting

A visualization of many interconnected points.

Last night, I went to our neighborhood community council meeting. It’s called the MACC (for Morningside). I asked if the council would welcome the META MESH guys over to talk with us all about mesh networking and Pitt Mesh. They did, and it was really informative. It will cost a good bit of money ($10k) […]

The Pioneer Plaque

The Plaque on Pioneer

I can’t help but wonder why we have sent only four space probes into deep space with information about our existence. And they were all launched in the early 1970s! Have we not come up with anything more interesting to say to the universe in the ensuing 40 years? It might be that an evil […]

Samuel L. Jackson Has a Message for Ice Bucket Celebs

“All you celebrities out there who poured ice water on your heads, here’s a chance to do something else.” Samuel L. Jackson makes a great point. I don’t even know what charity the Ice Bucket Challenge was supposed to support, all I know is that people everywhere were suddenly pouring water on themselves and haughtily […]

After Church

kids in the church fellowship hall eating cookies at a large round table

My youngest hates church. Just the act of driving by the building evokes tears from the boy. I guess it’s the idea that we will leave him in the daycare room during service? I don’t know why that is a problem for him – it is a room full of toys, after all. My oldest […]

Updating The Google Password


Have you updated your Google password lately? It’s gotten a little crazy. It isn’t Google’s fault – it’s that we live in a goofy web of interconnected, insecure-trying-to-be-secure devices that falter when trying to communicate with one another. I updated my Google password in my browser. It was pretty easy. Open a browser. Log into […]