Updating The Google Password


Have you updated your Google password lately? It’s gotten a little crazy. It isn’t Google’s fault – it’s that we live in a goofy web of interconnected, insecure-trying-to-be-secure devices that falter when trying to communicate with one another. I updated my Google password in my browser. It was pretty easy. Open a browser. Log into […]

“Live” Map of Pittsburgh Bus Service

A screenshot from PitLiveBus.com

This is a really great map of the Pittsburgh-Area with a data overlay. It shows the live location of all GPS-enabled Port Authority Transit (PAT) Buses. It is mostly “live”; there is maybe a 10-30 second delay. In the screenshot above (from a mid-morning weekday), it is neat to see the clustering effect of all […]

U2 Taking a Page from Bastille’s Success?


Long time fan of U2. I do not agree with the bru-haha that U2 is now a punchline. No, they are not Nickelback. Nickelback did have 50 million sales worldwide (not too shabby!). But U2 has 22 Grammy Awards (more than any other band) – including six (!) for best album of the year, is […]