“Live” Map of Pittsburgh Bus Service

A screenshot from PitLiveBus.com

This is a really great map of the Pittsburgh-Area with a data overlay. It shows the live location of all GPS-enabled Port Authority Transit (PAT) Buses. It is mostly “live”; there is maybe a 10-30 second delay. In the screenshot above (from a mid-morning weekday), it is neat to see the clustering effect of all […]

U2 Taking a Page from Bastille’s Success?


Long time fan of U2. I do not agree with the bru-haha that U2 is now a punchline. No, they are not Nickelback. Nickelback did have 50 million sales worldwide (not too shabby!). But U2 has 22 Grammy Awards (more than any other band) – including six (!) for best album of the year, is […]

Quitting Football is “a thing”


In the week before the 2014 NFL season kicked off, I noticed three different blogs of fairly high profile folks who state that they are quitting the NFL. Quitting football?!? Why, yes. And guess what? Most of it is not even because of the Ray Rice debacle. Jason Kotte is quitting the NFL. Steve Almond […]

A Bike Route in Pittsburgh


I am looking to get a bike-friendly path from the neighborhood of Morningside over to Oakland. Riding on Negley, Center, or Baum are off the table for me – they are too busy, fast, and aggressive. I would like a calmer route. Here are a few options I have come up with: Via Highland Ave […]

Pumpkin Spice Creme Cinnamon Oreos


Happy Fall! Pumpkin Spice Oreos are here http://t.co/s77kFtIMYp pic.twitter.com/9FwBi03bwg — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) September 9, 2014 It’s the holiday season. Come on guys, how many disgusting things can we cram into a cookie?

Pale Blue Dot

Mote of Dust - Pale Blue Dot

Just because this is good to listen to again now and then. Our little “mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” Thanks, Carl Sagan.

WordPress 4.0 Released

WordPress 4.0 - Benny

There is a new version of WordPress being released today – codename Benny. There will be great new features, such as enhanced visual browsing of the media and plugin libraries. Mostly, though, I was struck by a figure included in their launch post: there were 275 contributors to the release. Wow! WordPress is open source. […]

A New WordPress MeetUp

WordPress MeetUp

I work in WordPress a lot during the course of my day. I have been wanting to attend one of those “MeetUps” that are in the area, and they had one for WordPress. Seemed like a natural thing to check out. I could never get to a meeting, though, for one reason or another. Evening […]