“Solar Roadways” Filmmaker Coming to Pittsburgh, PA

Solar Roadways demo

Mark Dixon, filmmaker, is coming to Pittsburgh this July 24th to speak at Green Drinks about his latest feature project, Solar Roadways. I think the Solar Roadways project is amazingly innovative. I have no credentials to support whether or not it would work, but thankfully, the project is being funded to be developed as a […]

The Monty Hall Problem

I doubt I will ever be on a gameshow or even have an opportunity to try this during a Pittsburgh Pirates game, but if any of you ever do, here is a video explaining how to win at the Monty Hall Game. You are probably already familiar with the game – you have three doors […]

Launching the Fort Pitt Web Shop

Running my own business, the Web Communications Group, has been a great learning experience and very rewarding. The time has come to make some changes, though, so in October and November of 2013, I began putting a lot of thought into how I wanted to proceed. It wasn’t a matter of deciding between folding up […]

Puzzle: Put the Congressional Districts Back Together

Gerrymandering is the practice of redrawing congressional districts after a decadal census to favor one political party over the other. Cool, right?  The folks over at Slate posted this game that lets you see the gerrymandered districts as individual puzzle pieces.  Their home state is the puzzle board.  Can you put them all together again? […]

Chipotle Ad for an App is More Than Just an Ad for an App

chipotle video screenshot

I watched this ad from Chipotle the other day and couldn’t get it out of my head. It is such a striking message to come from a mass-production food company, especially one owned by McDonald’s (they are not owned by McDonald’s). I am not sure how to let the competing interests balance in my head, especially since […]

I Feel Famous

And yeah, DE LA Soul is Killin it live in concert (after all these years) — chris field (@chrisfield_com) September 7, 2013 i.e., DJ Maseo from De La Soul retweeted me. Yeah, I’m easy to please.

Well don’t feel bad, baby …

The fact is that people are violent. Sometimes that violence unimaginably spills into the world of our children’s schools. That is horrible, and makes my eyes well up with sorrow. But this story didn’t turn out as badly as it might have, mostly because of the incredible heroism of a bookkeeper named Antoinette Tuff. She […]

Physics of Guns Underwater

I enjoyed watching this guy explain the physics of a rifle shot occurring underwater. He brings in a slow-motion video capture team. We get to see a bunch of video from various angles underwater as the rifle fires. There are some (over my head?) explanations about what is going on with the physics. It is […]